Magpul MS3 Gen2 kantohihna, musta
Magpul MS3 Gen2 kantohihna, musta
Magpul MS3 Gen2 kantohihna, musta

Magpul MS3 Gen2 kantohihna, musta

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Magpul MS3 Gen2 kantohihna

Magpulin pitkäaikaisen kehityksen ja kokemuksen perusteella kehitetty MS3 Multi-Mission Sling System pyrkii tarjoamaan monipuolisen ja ominaisuuksiltaan joustavan kantolaitteen erilaisille asejärjestelmille. Kantohihna muuttuu käyttäjän tarpeiden mukaan kaksipisteisestä yksipisteiseksi hihnaksi paremman käsiteltävyyden varmistamiseksi.

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Valmistajan kommentit hihnasta:

Driven by the operational experience of Magpul instructors, the MS3 Multi-Mission Sling System was designed to give a versatile weapon-retention solution for a multitude of tactical environments and missions. As a standalone product, the rapidly-convertible MS3 allows an operator to leverage the maneuverability of one-point attachment for direct action, or two-point attachment for stability. Single-hand adjustments and quick-release, positive-locking hardware provide flexibility and durability in a truly adaptable sling system.

Used in conjunction with the optional Magpul ASAP® plate, the MS3 enables seamless transitions into an array of shooting positions without getting bound or fouled. The MS3 concept allows switching from Weapon Shoulder to Reaction Shoulder for shooting around corners, under vehicles, or to minimize exposure. The MS3 can also increase operator survivability by keeping the weapon in the fight in case of injury to the operator's shoulder, arm, or hand. The MS3 GEN2 incorporates a new low profile quick-adjust Slider which minimizes bulk and allows for secure, yet effortless, sling adjustment. Webbing length has also been increased for a comfortable fit with all body types and armor configurations.

Made in U.S.A. and 100% Berry Amendment compliant.


  • Fast transition between one-point and two-point configuration
  • Light weight yet durable hardware made with hardened steel and heavy-duty polymer
  • Symmetrical Paraclip™ shackles allows for easy transition and provides weapon quick-release capabilities in an emergency
  • Cross-Bolt Lock Bar in each Paraclip allows the user to optionally lock its lever closed for extra security
  • Steel Paraclip levers are case hardened and finished with a ferritic nitrocarburizing process for extreme resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Custom 1.25 inch wide nylon webbing material is strong and wear resistant while remaining anti-chaff for user comfort
  • Low-profile adjustment Slider for adding or removing sling tension in two-point mode with a single-hand
  • Colored webbing has Near Infrared (NIR) treatment to reduce IR signature
  • Sling Mounting
  • REAR - Works with the Magpul ASAP® for optimal shoulder transitioning in one-point mode as well as the SGA™ Receiver Sling Mount. Also compatible with many snap-hook style sling loops* and standard or QD sling swivels.
  • FRONT - Compatible with the Magpul RSA®, MSA™, and Forward Sling Mount, as well as many snap-hook style sling loops* and standard or QD sling swivels for use in two-point mode.
  • * Snap-hook style sling loops with an inner diameter of at least 3/8" are required, but 9/16" and larger will provide full range of motion.
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